Compatibility raiting:
Supported standards:
SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004

Administrate LMS is a part of complex services that include CRM and other systems. The LMS is fully SCORM-compliant and mobile friendly. Moreover, the system tracks question details of the courses, made with iSpring.

Administrate offers training providers an integrated, Software as a Service (SaaS) management system. Based in UK (Scotland), the company went public in 2012 and has a lot of customers among large companies.

It is a complex solution and consists of several systems nicely working together. The primary system is called Administrate CORE Training Management System that handles all back office administration: courses, students, instructors, finances and marketing.

Administrate LMS is built on top of the CORE system and inherits all its features. This blended approach lets you generate advanced reports from your LMS and still have an automated email campaign in CRM.

Custom design features have been brought to the ultimate level. You can easily change colors and themes for your LMS environment and have full control of the look and feel via CSS.

The LMS is fully SCORM-compliant and mobile friendly. Using iSpring-made SCORM content in HTML5 format, your courses will play on Apple (iOS) devices just fine!

The system tracks detailed SCORM activities so you can see a question breakdown list which provides pro-level reporting options.

Standard of iSpring content Level of Support
SCORM 1.2 Excellent
SCORM 2004 Excellent