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E-learning modules quickly made by yourself – automatically generated quizzes for Moodle

Automatically generated quizzes
Simply have quiz questions automatically generated from presence documents with the Questinator AI. In this way, you can quickly and easily develop attractive online courses.

You have a wide range of options for asking questions. Whether multiple choice questions or quiz questions to fill out yourself.

Easy and fast
You can select from the generated suggestions and edit them.

Save time
You can collect ideas and don't have to search for formulations

Each issue can be from be adjusted to you later.

AI Generator
100% data security
Data encryption by SSL or TSL.
Deletion of data after processing.
No data is used for analysis or further processing!
The Questinator AI is based on Flexudy
The automation process is provided by Flexudy’s AI
Integrates with Moodle and iSpring
The Questinator can be implemented in your own Moodle or iSpring
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Extensive preparation for exams
Learners often do not know how best to prepare for exams. With his questions, the Questinator puts a new focus on the material, which can be deepened again.

Just get started
Trainers can save a lot of time when generating learning material.

Refocus resources
Employers can save many resources through quality employee training.

Questinator Eule

Presence documents

Convert your presence documents into a PDF.

Start Questinator

Load your PDF into the Questinator and start the question generator AI with one click.

Select your questions

You can edit your questions or make a selection.

Import into Moodle

Import your selections into a test and other learning content.

New attractive content

Support your learners with summaries, flashcards or quizzes. It's so easy to develop completely new food for thought, points of view and new perspectives from seemingly familiar content.

Questinator Eule

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